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October 13th & 14th 2023

Kansas City

Flame-Off and Art Show

Including a live glassblowing competition, charity raffles & auctions, live music,

live painting, local vendors & creators, and more!

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2023 Venue


Event Layout

Event Map


VIP Experience

Enjoy CannaBrew in style with the VIP ticket package!


Swag Bag

You will receive a bag of goodies from our sponsors and a handblown glass piece from a local artist!


Private Restrooms

Don't wait in line to use the restroom! As VIP, you will have access to VIP only restrooms. Then you can get back to the fun right away.


Private Bars

Private VIP bars will be located around the event, and you will receive 2 FREE drinks. Get your drink served first without the hassle of waiting in lines!


Private Lounge Areas & VIP Parking

We have created VIP only lounge areas around the venue. Sit back on a comfy couch and watch the glassblowing competition while talking to some of the artists, or hang out at the hightops and watch the music on live stage without being stuck in the crowd.


Cooking With Cannabis

Kansas City Klein & Cuisine will be live cooking their specialty infused hors-d'oevres just for you! VIPs will be allowed to sample the dishes, ask questions of the chefs, and view the entire process. 


Early Entry with Artist Meet & Greet

As VIP, you will have the option to arrive 1 hour earlier than GA. This will give you time to explore the grounds, get your drinks, and view all the vendors before the crowds start to form. There will also be a meet and greet 12-1:30 each day with all the amazing glass artists in the competition that is exclusive to VIPs

Only $65!

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