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Our Background

CannaBrew started in 2019 in celebration of the end of cannabis prohibition in Missouri.

Our aim was to educate Kansas City on the art of glassblowing, as well as foster a sense of community amongst the multitude of artists in the area. The focal point of the event is a live glassblowing competition between 12 different artists, most of them being local, although the event is open to artists worldwide. The artists all compete live to create a beautiful work of art right in front of attendees’ very eyes! We then have an area where artists, from varying disciplines, can showcase their work to the public. There are painters, graffiti artists, sculptors, designers, musicians, performers, growers, and local business owners.


The entire experience is unique in that it brings together artists, collectors, admirers, and industry leaders to help network and form a community around art and cannabis. At the end of the event, the guest judges will name the winners of the competition, and then the pieces will be auctioned off.

Each year we choose a local charity doing amazing work in KC. The money we receive from sponsors (like you!) help us pay to run the actual event, freeing up all of the money made off the event, and auctioned pieces, to go straight to the organization in full! This year, we have chosen KCPS Foundation, which is a 501c Non-profit organization that helps build art education programs in K-12 classrooms. Our goal is to help keep the spirit of art alive and to give young, aspiring artists the resources and tools they need to thrive!

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